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Raise your voice, not just your hand

Our education system is practiced in a way that it formalises the way we think, understand and interpret the things.

It starts with raising our hands in agreement with our class teacher and then simply memorising the answers without questioning the premise of the content or context. It makes us the follower of a set of rules, deeply understood and dutifully practiced.

The rules of game must change when you leave the classroom and enter the room of life. But, you’re so much cynically inside the mindset of raising your hands that you continue to do it even when it is necessary to raise your voice.

We see it everyday on social media, instead of raising our own voice, we join the tribe and limit ourselves by just raising our hand – Like, Love, Share. We mostly don’t comment citing that we will hurt the emotions of our friend.

Raising a hand is a traditional way of respecting authority,every speaker and every authority use it to gain the social validation for their echoed concept. It’s a way of maintaining order, allowing others to get a turn.

It’s been deeply felt during the recent political gatherings, few ardent supporters chant “Modi Modi” and whole lot of us, make this as the leadership beyond obvious gesture when our Prime Minister stands up and raises hand to the crowd “Please do not do this.”.  Floundering on the  acknowledgement has its place, but where would be be if everyone rushes for this shiftable floundering?

I don’t say ignore the authority. Rather,  consider a different way of interacting with everyone you work, interact and engage with. Raise your hand if it’s important to maintain order and show your support. But, start to raise your voice if it will move the matter forward for the overall welfare of community and nation. Ask if you have a question. State your opinion. Share your true feelings.

For you to raise your voice, step out of your comfort zone, develop your own voice, set your rules, contribute to conversations in a way that it’s purposeful, engaging and provocative. Exercise your leadership. Raise your voice. Step outside your comfort zone.