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What do you want from life vs. what life wants from you?

Do you struggle to find the answer to:
“What do I want from life?”
“What should I do to feel the victim of circumstances?”
If you feel demotivated, unsure, aimless, can’t find any work that makes you lose yourself, you’re not alone — most people are in the same boat.

The Hindu value system suggested us an appropriate system to better plan and organise our life based on the life stages. Childhood for study, character-building and living with full celibacy. Adulthood for earning livelihood to earn and maintain family well-being. The sunset years to manage, monitor and mentor children imparting them teaching and guidance to become to acquire knowledge and skills.

Nowadays, people prefer to live in a nuclear family to enjoy the freedom and joint family obligations. “Family first.” is replaced with “Me first.” A while ago, one of my professional acquaintance said, “After years of struggle wh your material desire gets fulfilled, you look back only to discover that you have lost a precious life and time for the fulfillment of your meaningless cravings. You have messed up family values, alienated social fabric, and your self-centered nature starts making you feel more like a curse.”

Knowing why is an essential first step in figuring out how to achieve the goals that excite you and create a life you enjoy living instead of surviving every day. “Why” is not about what you want for yourself but, its purpose is to know the ultimate goals that will wake you every morning. I ask my audiences to invoke their imagination during my workshops by asking, “If you have to write your autobiography today, what is your story?” This thinking alone will get you the motivation needed to rethinking the possibilities to move to a more purpose-driven life.

Begin by writing a few things that you want to make it happen and then actually do it. You will observe that when a clear purpose powers you, there is little you cannot do.

Question I want to leave you with today — What is the thing that helped you to get the best out of you? What helped you discover your true purpose?

What do you think?