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Three Ways to Experience God Based on What You Prefer the Most

Do you think you don’t know how to pray? Here are three ways you can pray to God.

The First is your body; your body is not yours but of God.

Live in the best spiritual and physical condition, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep to wake up every morning to serve God, and emotional balance to tune up your body to serve God.

A healthy body is the adobe of a healthy soul. When you carry a healthy soul, you attract courage, gallantry, stability, stubbornness, peace, tranquility, high morals, and spirituality.

The Second is your heart; regular prayer with chants and mantras to keep remembering the almighty God.

Whether your motive is to fulfill material desire, liberation, power, holistic evolution, eradication of sufferings, or spiritual progress — you will be gifted with a beautiful heart that touches others.

Chant joyfully calling his name, feeling his presence in everything and every being.
Sing his song praising his kindness and his services, providing us with the essentials of living.
Look at his idol, praising him and thanking him and blessing him to instill goodness, steadfastness, and love forever.

The Third is your soul; continuous meditation, study, and reflection of God’s supreme existence.

If you are oriented more towards meditation than money, if love is more important than the logic to you, if you think the soul is more important than mind and body, power over yourself is more important than power over others — then meditate.

You will not only be able to get rid of anxiety, depression, fear and mental imbalances, but practicing meditation, you will attain self-realization or illumination.

In my view ShriKrishna has explained the most accurate way to meditate in Bhagavad Gita which I have written here How to meditate according to Bhagavad Gita

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