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There is no proof for God

Vivekananda was in search of proof for God. He went to Ramkrishna and challenged him to show him the proof that there is God. Ramakrishna started laughing after listening to the question. He touched Vivekananda’s heart with his feet. Vivekananda fell into a swoon, a trance. Despite being a learned, intellectual, atheistic, sceptical, and well-trained person, he fell into a trance. He was not able to understand what was happening to him. Why was he losing control?

Vivekananda tried to escape from Ramkrishna, but it was impossible. He used to feel like some high-power magnet forcefully pulled him to the Ramkrishna. He would escape for a few days and again come back. Feeling tired one day, Vivekananda requested, “Leave me alone. Why are you haunting me?”

Ramkrishna said, “What can I do? You asked, “Is there any God? Is there any proof?” I don’t know any proof. All that I know is that God is in me, so I allowed him to touch you. What else can I do? Now it is for you to decide whether God is or not.”

There is no proof, but there are enough proofs; no direct proof but much indirect evidence of God exists because we know the kind of transfiguration that happened in Meera, Transmutation happening in Chaitanya, and transformation happening in Rahim. They were ordinary metal suddenly becoming gold.

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