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The Right Type of Theist

Theist prays to God, saying, “O God, I accept you, but not your world.”

An Atheist prays to God, saying, “O God, I accept your world, but not you.”

A Profound Atheist prays to God, stating, “O God, I accept you and your world.”

To be a profound atheist in this world means embracing the beautiful journey that God has bestowed upon us. Recognize that you are the chosen candidate to enjoy, appreciate, and fully experience life on this planet, finding true bliss.

In the words of God Krishna to Arjuna, “Give up everything and surrender to me, come to my feet.” While some may interpret this as egotistical, Krishna’s message is to let go of all preconceptions and accept life as it is. Without fully accepting and enjoying life, one cannot achieve true bliss or renunciation.

God is not separate from the world; rather, God is the world, and the world is God. In God Krishna’s world, he declares, “I am the only one, and there is no second, neither in the past nor in the future.” Separating God from the world prevents us from truly perceiving His presence.

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