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The Magic Bowl of Sadhu

One morning a Great Sadhu knocked at the door of a Great King and asked him to support him by filling his begging bowl with anything.

King was very kindled and happy to hear the Sadhu’s request. He ordered his staff to fill his bowl with Gold coins. The moment Gold coins were put inside the Bowl, instantly they used to disappear. Every time, the king’s staff will bring the the gold coin and fill in the Bowl, the Bowl will become empty. This keep on repeating until the evening.

The King’s treasury was emptied by the end of the day but the Bowl still remained empty.

Amazed by this mysterious and magical act, the King was asked the Sadhu humbly – “Please tell me the secret to fill this mysterious bowl”.

The Sadhu said “O King, this bowl is made from the heart of a Human. Nothing of this world can satisfy and fill a human heart.”

Name, fame, Power, Money, luxuries, etc. cannot fill your heart.

Your heart is made to love God and only love for God can fill the heart.