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Where there is faith, there exists the god

A boy had to travel long distance alone for his study. He had to cross forest and get scared sometime. One day he narrated his fear to the mother.

Mother said – “You need not feel afraid, my son. Whenever you feel scared, you may call your brother Kanha (lord Krishna’s popular child name), who herds the cattle in the forest and comes to the help of anyone who wants it.”

The boy nodded his head convincingly. The next day, while crossing the forest, he started feeling scared. He remembered his mother’s advice and shouted, “Kanha…Kanha… please give me company. I am feeling scared…”

Soon, Kanha appeared and consoled the boy: “Hello friend, I am Kanha. You should not feel scared now; I am with you.” The Lord Krishna travelled with the boy until the end of the forest. The boy felt safe and calm.

After some time, his mother inquired about his fear. The boy said that every day, Kanha gives him company to cross the forest, and his fear is no more. His mother became curious, and the next day, she followed the path to the forest, hiding behind her son, and found it to be true. The mother realised Lord Krisha helped her son because of his unwavering faith.