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Do What You Love, the Money Will Follow

When you look around at the successful people with a great amount of wealth, almost without exception, they have done things that they love to do and by doing what they love, they have made money.

It’s like when you love your work; you do superb work, you indulge in it with the passion and that entails great results.

Forcing does not work in the long term. Most of the time when I meet people in the interview, I ask – “you don’t have competency or interest, still why do you want to do it?”

The usual reply – “Sir, I will get to learn and obey your instructions to meet your job expectations.”

I have seen these kinds of people mostly fail because they force themselves into the work, that they don’t love just for the heck of it.

Some things that attract your interest are extra curricular activities – I love writing, reading scriptures, practicing yoga, etc. but none of those are my mainstream income thing.

I do these to attain mental and spiritual solace – these make me feel calm and well. I can’t do this stuff for 8 hours. I never thought of these activities to help me with my livelihood.

What do you love to do?

Leverage your mind and figure out a way to give value to others by doing what you love.

The money will follow. Somewhere, someone is getting rich doing exactly what you love to do.

Make a list of activities that are engaging and enjoyable to you.

Look around and find someone who makes a living with that activity and mentors them.

Be wise. Many times people ask me – “I want to quit my job and pursue what I love to do.”

Don’t leave your present job until you have another job already making money for you. I didn’t leave my former job until I was making enough from my alternate profession.

Money is a wise product of your actions. It’s like a bullock cart. Your action is like bullock – you can’t keep bullock behind the cart and move the cart. Connect your karma bull with the cart and let the money-cart follow you.

Bless yourself a wealthy day everyday!