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The God, elder, sage and master

Never ever put down the God, elder, sage and your master in an inferior situation.

During his exile God Ram met Sabri in the hermitage of sage Sandipani. After some time, other sages approached Ram and asked him to tour the surrounding areas of the hermitage.

When they reached near a river, the water was smelling bad.

Sabri requested Ram to touch the water of the river with his feet so that its smell gets removed. Ram followed the instructions, but after touching the water by his feet, the water started smelling more badly.

Sensing this Ram asked Sabri to touch the water so that its odour gets removed.

Realising that if it works then Ram will get inferior position Sabri was very reluctant to touch the water. Laxman realised  the dilemma of Sabri, he took the soil from below her feet and thrown it into the river. The water became pure and it’s smell  disappeared.