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3 minute focus exercise

We all do things everyday but, we get caught up in the day to day activities. Though we aim to be productive, we Instead just make the list, checking things off as we go and waiting to get to the end of the list only to start it all over again the very next day.

Do you want to get out of this state and reclaim your focus today? I’ll tell you a simple trick which you can do in 3 minutes. Ready:

1) Once you finish reading this, for one minute, sit straight, close your eyes, take deep breath pumping as much air as you can in your chest. Try to bring your focus to the point of your forehead between the eyelids.

2) For the next one minute, take a piece of paper, consider one thing that you would like to accomplish today and write it down on the paper. For example, submit the project proposal to a client, complete the business plan, generate 3 sales leads, read for an hour, etc. Use strong action verbs.

3) Once again close your eyes and reflect on your today’s goal which you have just written on the paper and do deep breathing for one minute. The aim is to instil it in your mind and also find the way to get it done.

Now, go and complete that 3 minute focus exercise. You’ll be glad you did it in the evening when you will realise that you really achieved what you planned for.