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My take on commitment and why should you commit to yourself

During 18 years in corporate life I never spent a single day doing stuff like it was a job.

In my definition, the job is like showing up on time at the office, following instructions, meeting expectations and managing to be managed.

Few days ago I met with an ex-colleague and he said, “Ishwar, I always found you being like an entrepreneur with highest level of commitment to get work done.”

Sometime I do face questions from people on my commitment, I always reply, “It’s the only thing I do.

For me, commitment means, always doing your work, always delivering on time, always empowering people around you, always thinking of upping your business, always thinking of enhancing margins, always identifying opportunities and  bringing it up to the reality.”

Commitment is an art for people to do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Commitment is an art of rising up to take personal responsibility, challenging the status quo and changing the circumstances for a favourable terrain.

I call the process of doing your art ‘the work.’  The commitment is the art to pursue, push, peruse, prosper and personify yourself with where you dream to belong. That’s the commitment – nothing less, nothing else.

I chose the path of entrepreneurship because I wanted to pursue the art and make an impact through ‘the work’.

Your ‘job’ is not ‘the work’.