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Stay Relevant

Your future depends on what you are doing today to stay relevant in the world changing faster than anyone’s imagination.

You make a tall claim stating yourself as a “dynamic” person. But, truly, ask yourself today, “What have you done lately to stay dynamic?”

There’s this notion that your future can be predicted by the five people you spend the most time with. I would like to tell you one more important thing and that is the kind of skills you are acquiring today will profoundly shape the life you are going to live in the weeks, months and years to come.

If you want to grow in your career, you need to practice the skills you’ll need now, so you can perform well in the future. You are not born knowing how to develop a product, lead a team, give great speeches, sell to prospects, or manage money. These aspects of day-to-day business life are
all skills, and you can improve your performance to the extent you choose to practice. Improve any one of these skills, and you can’t help but improve your career.

Picking up these skills are easier than you think.
Cut down the time waster things that you indulge in – watching TV, surfing internet, meaningless meetings, etc. and put that time for learning and practicing things that will take you where you are now to where you dream to go.
Practice new skills today, and your opportunities expand. Its proven truth that the most rewarding career and life are reserved for the people who are willing to put in the time and effort required to develop the skills necessary to enjoy them. There is no substitute for this.

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