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Practitioner of righteousness

Bringing righteousness to your side means you’re aware of the pains of others, doing good and stopping any matter of pride holding onto your mind. 

Vivekananda before leaving India to visit America, visited Maa Sharada to seek her permission. He quipped, “Maa, I am leaving for America. Please grant me your permission and blessings.”

Sharada, “Why are you going to America? What are you going to do there?”

Vivekananda, “I am going to spread the message of righteousness to the citizens of that country.”

Sharada pointing her finger to the knife nearby asked, “Please handover the knife to me.” Vivekananda obliged.

Sharada, “You have my blessings! You are prepared to spread the message of righteousness.”

Wearing surprise on his face, Vivekananda asked, “Maa, I want to know if there was any connection between you asking for the knife and your blessings to declare me eligible for spreading the message of righteousness to the masses.”

Sharada replied, “I wanted to know the way you handle the knife while passing it to me. Any ordinary man  would do it indifferently. He will hold the handle of the knife in his hand and pass it with the blade directed toward the one who asks for it. But you held the blade of the knife in your hand and its handle was directed toward me. It shows that you understand the depth of righteousness and you are prepared to spread it to the world. Stay blessed, my son!”