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Doing things for the appeasement of eternal self

नानापुराणनिगमागमसम्मतं यद् रामायणे निगदितं क्वचिदन्य्तोअपि।
स्वान्तःसुखाय तुलसी रघुनाथगाथा भाषनिबन्ध मतिमञ्जुलमातनोति।।

“Many Puran, Ved, and Tantra has a mention, and it has it’s reference in the Ramayan, and also has been narrated elsewhere, I Tulsi, writing the narrative of Raghunath for the appeasement of my eternal self.”

Hinduism has a process driven approach to learning – learn/hear, reflect, absorb, debate and then develop your conviction. Tulsidas in above couplet has made the affirmation “I have referred to various available sources, and then I am writing this scripture for the appeasement of the self.”

This kind of work can only lead you to do something which becomes a history, a par excellent work of art, and an ageless reference. To achieve a superior result, do the work for appeasement of self rather than of someone else.