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Made Not Born

Create and build  to make your dream a reality

.”Action alone is your sole right, not the fruit of action.” Saya Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita

“Loss, Profit, Life, Death, Appreciation, or Blemish these are under the governance of God.” Tulsi Ramayan

“Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.” Steve Jobs

There has been immense advocacy for creation through actions and there are substantial examples of people changing the world through their acts – first car, airplane, rail, electricity, etc.

We resonate with the quotes like these, we all want to create something, or we all want to contribute in the creation of something in a meaningful way.

You’d be thinking about the risks, about the chances of being failed, about wasting life’s precious moments in the process.

But, not taking up the chance and waiting endlessly also creates a disappointment for not being able to accomplish something meaningful in life.

For a creation to happen, you require to have a passion, perseverance and give things time. I resonate with the process of conception – 9 months of period inside the womb, awaiting for the creation to happen elegantly — without any hustle, hassle or feeling of rushing out. In order to pursue the creation, come out of your comfort zone to pursue it and embrace the fact that it will take time and consistent effort to make it happen. Do create…

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When things go wrong

“You cannot salvage once things go bad, it’s like curd cannot be made out of spoilt milk”

Some problems cannot be solved but many others can, if you look at solving it

1. Don’t give up before assessing it thoroughly. Say to yourself “It’s worth you solve it.”

2. Frustration will drive away your focus. Keep your cool and keep bringing  your focus back.

3. Find the systems, process and procedure that led to the problem. Look at finding the way to avoid similar situation in future.

4. Don’t play a blame game.

5. “We have to be back onto the earth safely. Failure is not an option.” Be the team player and make everyone accountable and fix their role.

6. Take ownership like responsible captains do.

7. Step by step solution – solve the easy ones first.

8. Be optimistic. You need to put hard work, adaptation, experimentation and iteration. But, you must do it.

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Be the grace

Anonymous asked, “It feels like lately I’ve been carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. My problems are too heavy to bear. I am gradually succumbing to this feeling that the world is nothing but a problem fighting battlefield for me.”

I replied, “Just surrender yourself like the most responsible child that god has put his faith in you to be the bearer of some of his troubles. God wants to see some of his problems to be solved through you.

Just walk every step knowing that everything is safe there. Show your love. Show your strength. Guide yourself listening to your heart and move forward. You’d know which way to go even when you’re stuck at crossroad. Be the grace. Be everything.”

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Activity manager vs results manager

“Caught up in a day to day” is one of the important reasons why businesses fail.

You’d have observed that you might have accomplished all your to-dos, completed all the activities that came in front of you, and you provided support to everyone who approached you saying “Do you have one minute?”

But, you’d have not achieved anything meaningful or valuable for your goals, or help you get to the next level.

It is because your time is consumed by wastes and distractions that you believe are necessary to address.

You forget what is important for you today that will help you shape your tomorrow.

What you need is to focus on your purpose like making profits or providing value to your customer and then aligning your people, activities, and actions to produce measurable results.

You must learn to focus people on the result which will give them the meaning of what they do and help your business fulfill the mission for which it exists.

And, while doing so, you’ll move from an activity manager to a result manager.

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It’s a great skill to put straight “what you are doing and how’s it going to help?”

Deborah DiSanzo, now the CEO of Philips Healthcare and erstwhile Executive of  Hewlett Packard, was working on an incredibly complex system that was designed to deal with operating room procedures.
Bill Hewlett came to visit, and he asked to her, “So, what does this do?
She said, “Oh, it’s the most incredible technology and it’s really amazing.”
He quipped, “No, I mean what does it do?
She replied, “Well, it uses ideas to bring information. “
He asked with dissatisfaction, “But, what is it doing?”
Finally, after the fourth time, he said it very loud and sharply, “What does it do? “
And in desperation, Deborah said, “It saves lives.”
He said, okay, carry on. That’s a wonderful illustration of what it means to think about the end product of what you’re doing, not about how hard you worked at it, and the activities you’re going through.

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Good relationships

I believe in, have confidence in, trust, am comfortable with, your association.

Have you ever looked at your eyes when someone said, “I believe in, have confidence in, trust, am comfortable with, your association.”

Whether business or personal, the relationships that has this kind of feeling works like magic. All the people you know, do business with and have long history are based on belief, confidence, faith and comfort. Everything else just takes care of and by itself.

If you wish to count such people, right now, you make a list of people whom you can invite to your home, show him your kitchen and your bedroom – those will be the kind of people I am talking about.

Similarly, make a list of people whom you think, he’d invite you to home, show you the kitchen and the bedroom.

Build some long term, trustworthy, faithful and dependable relationship else live just like an ordinary person.

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Change the thinking change the game

If you think “life happens” believe “you create life”.

If you play “game not to lose” believe you play “game to win”.

If you “want to be rich” believe you are “committed to being rich”.
If you “think small” believe you can “think big”.

If you focus on “obstacles” you can focus on “opportunities”.
If you resent “rich and successful people” believe you can “admire rich and successful people”.

If you associate with “negative or unsuccessful people” believe you can associate with “positive and successful people”.

If you think “negative about selling and promotion” believe you can promote “yourself and your values”.

If you think you are “smaller than your problem” believe you are “bigger than your problem”.

If you think you should be paid “based on time” believe you should be paid “based on results”.

If you think “working income” is a great belief “net worth” is greater.
If you think you are “working hard for money” believe you are making “money work hard”.

If you “stop because of fear” believe you “act in spite of fear”.

If you think you “already know” believe you can “constantly learn and grow”.

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Live yourself. Live honest. Live present.

Last week, I was hosting TiE entrepreneurs over “business builder breakfast”. Post the event, I was interacting with a guy and he said “you’ve spoken and answered with such a simplicity that it made us feel like entrepreneurship is nothing except our everyday life. Your words were so close to your heart and we stayed connected throughout.”

My life experience says – live yourself and there are ample amount of people who will connect, conduct and care for you. Live honest and see yourself at the top list when people think of trust, credibility and loyalty. Live present and enjoy the moments as gifted to you and keep engaging, interacting and solving real issues with real self.

Have a blessed day!

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Doing things for the appeasement of eternal self

नानापुराणनिगमागमसम्मतं यद् रामायणे निगदितं क्वचिदन्य्तोअपि।
स्वान्तःसुखाय तुलसी रघुनाथगाथा भाषनिबन्ध मतिमञ्जुलमातनोति।।

“Many Puran, Ved, and Tantra has a mention, and it has it’s reference in the Ramayan, and also has been narrated elsewhere, I Tulsi, writing the narrative of Raghunath for the appeasement of my eternal self.”

Hinduism has a process driven approach to learning – learn/hear, reflect, absorb, debate and then develop your conviction. Tulsidas in above couplet has made the affirmation “I have referred to various available sources, and then I am writing this scripture for the appeasement of the self.”

This kind of work can only lead you to do something which becomes a history, a par excellent work of art, and an ageless reference. To achieve a superior result, do the work for appeasement of self rather than of someone else.

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Turning Lessons  Into Conviction

Four people whom I am indebted for teaching me great lessons that helped me turn them  into conviction.

My father who invested umpteen amount of time and efforts narrating the mythological stories, scriptures and verses during my early childhood. Resting on his lap, sometimes, I used to feel, why is he teaching me such boring things?

My High School teacher who introduced the business by distinguishing two different Pakoda vendors. One who puts right kind of ingredients and fries with right flame to make it delicious and the other one who just uses same ingredients and fries in any flame to get it ready.

My first boss who taught me to work hard, very hard, very very hard. It was so hard that after spending 10 hours in office we must go to his home and work until midnight to help him with report preparations, etc.

My colleagues and friends at Sony Music and the kind of culture that the company pursue. It has left such a lasting impact on me that I dream of making my business closer to Sony Music culture and that would be the biggest tribute of my life.

Subhash Chandra at Zee and his courage to facilitate an unconditional support to allow me to try entrepreneurial acumen.

The lessons from these masters begin to turn as conviction beneath which I have carved my life. Lessons from my father has helped me gain so much of reputation as I can contextually relate everything with teachings of our scriptures and mythological references.

I realise that we should not stop receiving lessons from wherever it may come. Whether we use it today or not isn’t important. The important is that we maintain a lesson bank and whenever we need to solidify our thinking, withdraw some lessons from the bank. Once you experience their usability, it will turn as your conviction. Let there be the conviction.

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What if I am good at nothing? NOTHING.

Absolutely. That’s the exact feeling I woke up with today.

If I ask some people who know me well what I am good at? They will undoubtedly tell me about some or other things that they feel I am good at.

But what if I am not enjoying the things that I am good at?

Shall I continue doing things that someone else thinks I am good at or shift gears and pursue different crafts?

Shall I leave the work that doesn’t feel like work or an attempt at achievement? It doesn’t feel like anything close to what I dreamt about it.

I recall the days when I decided to quit Zee in pursuit of being able to take breaks and not feel pressured to produce results constantly.

It is pretty OKAY to feel like you are good at nothing from time to time so that you can reflect on your own skills, interests, and passions to uncover what you might be good at or enjoy doing.

What do you do for self-discovery and experimentation to find your strengths and areas of expertise to find the pursuits that don’t feel like work and bring you joy?

I am WAITING for your thoughts, ideas, and actions. PLEASE.

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Three steps to become a better person

We can become better not with living in silos and loneliness but with making connections through people, experiences, moments and environment that facilitates open interactions. We need to transform ourselves first so that others can see this transformation and inspire themselves. For me, it’s three steps that acts as my canvas to become better.

First Step: Ability to work with others with motive to learn the new perspective and expand your toolkit.

Second Step: choosing to understand other people perspective instead of feeling insecure about their own technical skills, and

Third Step: Knowing that sometime there is no answer and that is a better answer

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Well vs Lake

You can draw water from a well and depending on it’s quality, it can can serve specific need – if water is of sub standard you can use it for cleaning or washing, if it is clean then you can use for bathing and if it is clean and sweet then you can drink it. However, if you draw water from lake you can use it for all purpose – cleaning, washing, bathing and drinking.

Similarly, you can pray to specific god to attain blessings for wealth, health and other needs or you can pray to the supreme godhead which is present in the form of ultimate wisdom in all of us and then you’re automatically served for whatever your need is.

Think and let me know what you think…

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Life is what you make of it

“Life is not about hard things and soft things; not about good or bad; or evil or gentle. Both has to coexist like two legs. It’s about what you make of it.

As soon as I was conceived in the womb of my mother, I was put behind the prison. My parents were extremely worried about my safe birth and saving my life from the curse of Kansa. I planned and prepared to handle life difficulties while I was being nursed inside the womb of my mother.

You’d have heard that I was born wearing smile. I am a rare child who’s born smiling. It was because I was fully aware of my difficulties and I was prepared to face it.

I was born inside the prison but didn’t live there even for a minute. It was raining when my father took me to Nandgaav, but I asked Sheshnag to protect me. River Narmada was overflowing with flood, but I asked her to give pathway.

I gave you option to choose whatever you want. I gave you energy and capacity to pursue whatever you wish. I tell you to live a life that is closer to your feelings and desires. I tell you not to worry about the outcome. Your life is not a destination, it’s journey. Make yourself so hard that hardship shall hardly matter to you.”

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Do you have ownership of every moments of your business

Secretary, “Sir, prior to joining you as your secretary, I always dreamt of becoming Morgan. Now, after working with you even dreaming about becoming Morgan is like a horrible thing.”
Morgan, “Why? What is the problem? What makes you think this way?”
Secretary, “In your office peon comes at 9.30am, managers come at 10.30am, directors come at 12noon. They all leave office by 6pm. I feel being a peon in your company is more enjoyable than being the owner. You come at 7am and leave office only by 7pm. I don’t know why you are doing it?”
Morgan, ” Oh! You won’t understand the pleasure of being an owner. The pleasure of walking into the office as a owner can’t be compared to come at 930am and work as a peon. Because you’ve not lived this ownership life, you won’t know the pleasure either. The ownership is a kind of enjoyment that only owners can relish.”

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