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Someone went first, so you could go fast

Question: “I have this brilliant idea which is 10X better than that of a similar product available in the market, but I am not first. What do you suggest?”

Answer:  “Being first is not an advantage and it’s not that it can’t be overridden.

In my view, it’s a great opportunity for you to evaluate the state of early movers, find out the missing link and then create your product which is truly 10X better.

You should find a mentor and people who have been there, who have travelled the path, who have learning worth sharing and who have suggestions that might help you develop a better strategy.

Mentors and advisors don’t run your business — but they’re there to give you that guidance so you can avoid those critical challenges and mistakes that could take you out of the race.

You can certainly go fast and go farther than those who went first and still become a winner.”