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When things go wrong

“You cannot salvage once things go bad, it’s like curd cannot be made out of spoilt milk”

Some problems cannot be solved but many others can, if you look at solving it

1. Don’t give up before assessing it thoroughly. Say to yourself “It’s worth you solve it.”

2. Frustration will drive away your focus. Keep your cool and keep bringing  your focus back.

3. Find the systems, process and procedure that led to the problem. Look at finding the way to avoid similar situation in future.

4. Don’t play a blame game.

5. “We have to be back onto the earth safely. Failure is not an option.” Be the team player and make everyone accountable and fix their role.

6. Take ownership like responsible captains do.

7. Step by step solution – solve the easy ones first.

8. Be optimistic. You need to put hard work, adaptation, experimentation and iteration. But, you must do it.