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The art of business

I was at a summit on “The Art of Entrepreneurship”  which was attended by over 100s of budding entrepreneurs, startups and SME Business owners. I learned and shared the following:

1. As an entrepreneur you must invent failure else failure will invent you.

2. Don’t invest in business where the entrepreneur has plan B. Also don’t invest in CV.

3. What’s the lovemark that would attract your customers and stakeholders towards your business.

4. For 5 years nourish the business, for 5 -10 years care and control, for 10 to 25 years empower your business and after 25 free it from your clutch and control.

5. Unless you find a woman’s customer taking away her wallet with a smile for your product don’t start.

6. As Monalisa cannot be created in the lab so is the business- you must go out and get going unless you discover your pearl.