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Having purposeful, engaging and trust driven relationships

We connect with people through social media. Like I have over 3500 connections on Facebook and LinkedIn, but I am not pretty sure why I am concerned with so many people except maybe 5% people with whom I would have engaged through real or virtual communication.

Especially when I receive a LinkedIn connection request with a standard invitation message, I start thinking, “Is it for a lead generation or just to get added into the friends list of the requester?”

I’m not sure if I have ever responded to anyone who’s pitched me through social media for sales.

I believe and advise all social networkers, instead of building connections focus on building relationships through purpose, engagement and trust. Treating algorithmic suggestions for sending connection requests may work for social media companies, but not for you for sure.

Maybe we can’t teach everyone how to just be nice, but we can definitely do a better job of building trust driven connections and relations with friends, employees, acquaintances and well strangers.

Welcome to a purposeful, engaging and trust driven relatio