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Activity manager vs results manager

“Caught up in a day to day” is one of the important reasons why businesses fail.

You’d have observed that you might have accomplished all your to-dos, completed all the activities that came in front of you, and you provided support to everyone who approached you saying “Do you have one minute?”

But, you’d have not achieved anything meaningful or valuable for your goals, or help you get to the next level.

It is because your time is consumed by wastes and distractions that you believe are necessary to address.

You forget what is important for you today that will help you shape your tomorrow.

What you need is to focus on your purpose like making profits or providing value to your customer and then aligning your people, activities, and actions to produce measurable results.

You must learn to focus people on the result which will give them the meaning of what they do and help your business fulfill the mission for which it exists.

And, while doing so, you’ll move from an activity manager to a result manager.