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Past, present or future?

Question: Off late I am living on an emotional roller coaster. It’s like happiness has gone away from my life. I am in haste most of the time. On the road I feel like having a wing to fly rather than crawling in traffic. I cannot conclude a conversation as I jump to another topic in the midst of conversation. At work I mess around and am not able to complete tasks as I am not able to focus. Even at home, I get agitated too quickly and not able to manage home well. Why is this happening to me?

Answer: You are living in a time warp of expectations. You are always readying yourself for the next thing on your list to occur before you complete the task at hand.

It is happening because you spend all of your time concentrating on something out of sight and you miss what is around you. To have a focus, you have to be present in this moment, totally aware of your immediate environment then only you can conclude the conversation instead of jumping from one topic to another.

You devote your thinking always to matters of the past, or wishful thinking of the future, or plotting how you are going to defend yourself, your attention is not on the present and you are missing the activity around you. It is impossible to redo the past or to program the future, so the better thing is to spend your time in the present?

Allow yourself to indulge in meditation or breathing exercises to develop self awareness and be in the present moment more. Live in the present; impatience disappears and the world will seem larger—you are finally looking at all of it!

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