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Life is what you make of it

“Life is not about hard things and soft things; not about good or bad; or evil or gentle. Both has to coexist like two legs. It’s about what you make of it.

As soon as I was conceived in the womb of my mother, I was put behind the prison. My parents were extremely worried about my safe birth and saving my life from the curse of Kansa. I planned and prepared to handle life difficulties while I was being nursed inside the womb of my mother.

You’d have heard that I was born wearing smile. I am a rare child who’s born smiling. It was because I was fully aware of my difficulties and I was prepared to face it.

I was born inside the prison but didn’t live there even for a minute. It was raining when my father took me to Nandgaav, but I asked Sheshnag to protect me. River Narmada was overflowing with flood, but I asked her to give pathway.

I gave you option to choose whatever you want. I gave you energy and capacity to pursue whatever you wish. I tell you to live a life that is closer to your feelings and desires. I tell you not to worry about the outcome. Your life is not a destination, it’s journey. Make yourself so hard that hardship shall hardly matter to you.”