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Read Realise Render Relay

Today, I just remembered what my father told me frequently. It was about making personal growth happen to get you to your goals.

Read – He’d said, “Acquire the knowledge from all sources and senses. Never avoid the knowledge acquisition.”

Realise – Knowledge acquired by you remains merely information until you reflect on it and pick up the things that you are going to use for yourself. If it’s irrelevant, leave it aside.

Render – Apply the learning to get things done in a way that gets you a better result. It would help to consider making your work better, more efficient, and meaningful with the ideas you gained through the realisation of knowledge.

Relay: When you apply your ideas to your work, and it makes you a better person, you share that with the world. 

He used to warn us — Never pass the information just because you heard, read or got access to it unless you have your own experiences with it.”

In Hindi “Suno Samjho Karo air Kaho”