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Life is What You Make It

Last week we did a survey in our office — we asked people how do you feel working with us by voting anonymously.
65% responded Happy
20% responded Worried
and 15% responded Sad

I told them that those who feel sad should find a better place where they can turn happy because I feel sadness cannot be repaired and we are not in the business of repairing sadness. To those who felt worried, I asked them to have an appointment to discuss the way for them to turn happy.

I made a commitment to employees that let’s work together to make happy ones more happier and worried ones to turn happy while listening to their concerns and solving it.

One employee dropped me an email. We spoke and what I discovered was that the employee was worried because she was not happy with her performance and she had doubts about her own capabilities of becoming successful in her current role. I drew the analogy from the marriage system and said to her, “We marry with so much excitement but, all the fun fades so quickly. However, we don’t give up on the relationship. We gradually strengthen the relationship and enrich each other’s life with commitment to make it a fulfilling one together. If you start thinking about the job also like a marriage, it will turn out to be a much more fun and rewarding thing to pursue. Life is what you make it. It’s not a ready-to-eat food platter from which you can choose to eat only what you like.”

I could see a smile and peace on the face and hope that next month our rate of happy employees will increase.

If you want to know how to conduct similar exercise in your office, please drop me your message.

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