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Let fate move on its own path, and you focus on doing what’s your calling

The concept of destiny may be correct, but you don’ rely on it. Brave are those who rely on their singular capabilities to turn the tide in their favor, whatever may be the fate would have decided for it.
God Krishna said, “God does not reward or punish, but the nature does it.” A brick may hit you, but you continue forging ahead confident as if you’ll keep doing what you love to do.nt,” “work hard,” “peddle fast and focus,” as a must for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
It makes you so stressed that you start putting in extra hours, stop caring about your health, and struggle to stay closer to your loved ones.
Don’t kill yourself — you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to create a more meaningful life. If you feel down and out, stop it.
A relaxed body and calm mind boost concentration, attention, decision-making skills, creativity, social skills, and better health and decrease mood fluctuations, stress, anger, and impulsiveness.

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