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How to make friends and influence others

I have read “How to make friends and influence people” a few times and I can just summarize the book pretty easily as “just be nice to people and make them feel like they are successful for their efforts.”

It makes a ton of sense. If you meet someone and you feel you enjoyed being around with that person, just acknowledge them:

Someone cracked a funny joke and it made you smile, just acknowledge by saying “You are one among the funniest people I know.”

Someone helped you find the way, just acknowledge saying “Thank you for the help.”

Someone stopped their vehicle and allowed you to cross the road, wave your hand and acknowledge it.

When you ride an Uber, just say to the driver “Thank you for driving me safely. Time send with you today was pleasant.”

That person will now do anything possible for you. Eventually, the book says that if you compliment enough people, you will have an army of dedicated killers at your beck and call.

What do you think?