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Good deeds of today are enough to forgive your sin of past

Even if you have indulged in a bad deed, but you carry out the acts of heroic stature, the world will forgive your bad past and salute you for your goodness;

Maharishi Balmiki was a serial killer and hunter. When Narada met him and advised him to become a god devotee, he pronounced Ram as Mara. We all know he went on to write Balmiki Ramayana, through which we instill the value of humanity and holistic living in our life.

King Ashoka was a great warrior, and he killed many, including his family, in arrogance and out of taking revenge. When he turned to Buddhism, he became a great ruler and sage of Buddhism practice. Our national flag carries his Ashok Chakra as a national emblem.

Forgive yourself for your past acts and start living for a humanity-driven action today – the world will cry for you when you die.

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