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Belief is like a lantern in a blind man’s hand

The lantern in the hand of a blind man is of no use – he cannot see, cannot use, cannot lighten, and the lantern is just a burden to him. Belief is about believing in what others say.
Belief is dangerous – you develop belief out of ignorance. Someone says that there is a God, so you develop a belief in God. Remember when you listen to jokes told by a standup comedian – you laugh because everyone else is laughing without understanding the joke. Belief is like that, you get carried away for belief.
We see the side effects of belief all around us, and then people start succumbing by living in a state of rotten feelings. Like someone says that there is a God, there is a soul, and there is prayer through which you can seek God’s blessings. You believed in God without seeking clarity about it. Please don’t believe in something unless you are convinced about it. If you know that you don’t know, there is a possibility that you may seek and search. Your belief will not even allow you to seek and search because you already think you know.
Remember the scene from the movie Jab We Met – Kareena Kapoor advises Shahid Kapoor to burn and flush out the photo of his broken love. Shahid Kapoor says – “He is feeling better. He is feeling unburdened and relaxed.” You will feel very clean when you throw your beliefs to the fire. It is just a burden. It is not yours; it cannot help. We know what is right, but we do what is wrong. We know anger is bad, and we go on being angry again and again. We know what needs to get done, but we never do it; we do just the opposite.

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