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A Little Unemployed📌

In my early days, a mentor advised me to keep myself — A Little Unemployed.

Those days, we had to work for six days.

“The full-time occupation takes away all that you have: You go to work, keep doing things and return fully exhausted. I advise you to encourage you to be a little unemployed at all times. You can use that time for self-care, personal growth, prevent burnout, pursue your hobbies or explore a side hustle.” Mentor stated.

I took the advice seriously. I started working on the things that mattered most at a specific time. Here is what I did:

✅ I started teaching part-time at computer classes. It strengthened my subject knowledge and improved my communication skills. I gained recognition as a good teacher.

✅ I became a part-time trader selling computer accessories and consumables to earn side income.

✅ I developed writing skills and started writing for magazines and newspapers.

✅ Leveraging my training experiences further, I started speaking at technology conferences across the globe.
✅ I started mentoring and coaching budding entrepreneurs which helped me understand the nuances of starting a business early on.

✅ I have developed a deep interest in Hindu scriptures and philosophy. Now, aim to take it as a full-time occupation in the distant future.

I know many would say that it becomes challenging to do something else while being in a full-time job, but if you can keep yourself a little unemployed, manage your time well and explore potential opportunities around your interests and hobbies, it will lead you to something meaningful.

Here is one piece of advice to you from me — BE A LITTLE UNEMPLOYED.

What do you think?