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You are also correct

Two monks went into a heated argument regarding what they heard during the discourse today.

Each of them insisted that he only heard and understood it correctly. To settle the dispute, they went to see the master.

After hearing the first monk, the master said, “You are correct!”

The monk was overjoyed. Casting a winner’s glance at his friend, he left the room.

The second monk was upset and started telling his understanding with grin.

After he finished, the master looked at him and said, “You are correct, too.” The second monk’s mood also brightened up and he went away.

A third monk who was also in the room was greatly puzzled. He said to the master, “I am confused, master!

Their positions regarding the issue are completely opposite. They can’t be both right! How could you say that they are both correct?”

The master smiled and said to third monk, “You are also correct!”