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If you try to please everyone, eventually you’ll be the loser number ONE.

A newly wed couple together sitting on the horse were returning to their home. As they went along, some villagers remarked “What a shame? These people are not taught the civil manners.”

They thought critics may be right, so decided that now only wife to ride on the horse and husband will walk. As they travelled further some people commented “Why these guys are so unmannered? Lady is enjoying the slavery of husband.”

The couple discussed and decided that let husband ride on the horse and wife walk. They moved further and some people commented ” This is height of chivalry. Poor lady is walking and husband enjoying the horse ride.”

Finally couple decided that both of them shall walk only. They moved further and noticing this some people remarked “We have not seen such fools ever. In spite of having horse, these people are walking”

Make your decisions and go or it – people will remark anyway.