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What happens when someone decides to go alone for a HONEYMOON?

It touched my imagination. Each one of us have waited or made someone wait for that special experience which never took place because of time constraints.

I recently met a lady in her 50+ and she said, “To celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary my husband and I planned for our vacation in Paris. However, at the last moment my husband decided to drop the plan as he had to attend a business exigency.

I told him straight that I am going for it whether you come or not. And packed my bag and went on a trip. When asked by people, I said I am on my honeymoon by myself.

It was an amazing experience. i met strangers and developed amazing friendships. I explored things that I’m day dreaming about throughout my life. Scuba diving, adventure games, dining and all at the pace and self will. It made me live the most beautiful time of life because

I learned to enjoy myself.”

I’d still see the bright eyes and deep sense of satisfaction.

It certainly reminded me of saying, “Unless you learn to love and enjoy with the self, you cannot think and make the world a joyous voyage.”