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Thoughts on Happiness

What is happiness? How do we get it? If happiness is a must, why aren’t we happy?
Everyone got only one goal – to have a happy life. That’s it. That’s the goal. Nothing more, nothing else. And we know happy people are;
Have more friends.
Live healthy life.
Have better standing in the society and contribute more for the common good.
Get more done everyday.
As a part of my workshops, I run an activity. Ask people to go inside a room and vote, “How do they feel?”
I have yet not seen anyplace where more than 40% people voted for “Happy”.
For me, “happiness is the outcome of being engaged in a life in which you can live your own dream, pursue your own aspiration, and live a meaningful life.Connect. Contribute. Move. Open. Risk. Feel. Do.”

What do you think?