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The WOW Moment

These days, I frequently ditch my driver in favour of Uber/Ola and it’s because of the immediacy and deliverability that these products provide. These cab drivers reach to me faster than mine one, drives to the destination using maps and half dozen other benefits mapped inside their system to please my senses.

When I visit customers, they begin narrating the solution they want and I intervene,”What’s your problem that you think this solution is apt for you?”

They pause and take a much longer time answering it.

People have tendency to ignore the hard things about the hard problems.

This causes the biggest hurdle in getting closer to the “wow moment”

Two mindset shift required to realise the wow moment:

The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.

If a product doesn’t solve a problem, it’s useless.

Hard problems aren’t bad. Hard problems can be the best opportunities for you to “wow” your customers, if you build them right. When you realise the “wow moment”, it may not be feasible to build everything that is needed to create the full experience but, you can use agile method to build and reach the level that delivers a wow product with the level of quality that will make “wow moment” for your customer and please their senses.