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पिबन्ति  नद्यः  स्वयमेव  नाम्भः स्वयं  न  खादन्ति  फलानी  वृक्षाः  |
नादंती  सस्यम  खलु  वारिवाहः परोपकाराय  सताम विभूतयः  ||

The wealth of the virtuous is for the benefit of others.

A river flows so that it can quench the thirst. The tree provides shade and fruits so that those affected by sun heat can come for rest and enjoy its fruits. The clouds seeds the water so that the crop can grow.  Similarly, the wealth of virtuousness should be for the benefits of others.

There are 8 types of wealth that each one of us possesses – the prime, grain, composure, wideness, child, virtue, knowledge and wealth. The possessor of this wealth is known as a virtuous person when they put this wealth for the benefits of others.

Our society is suffering from unequal distribution of wealth.

Due to economic policy pitfalls rich are growing richer and poor people are having difficulty in living. Helping is a noble deed and it only increases the wealth possession.