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The entrepreneurship model is changing

In 2010 I bid goodbye 18 years of corporate career resigning from the top job amid lots of hopes and desperation. It took some efforts to free myself from fears of loosing out because of apprenticeship habits and then I started to see the world from a different perspective.

There is something extraordinary happening in our country and the world. To experience this phenomenon, I needed to be like a free bird, it became necessary to fly to explore the voyage. Bonded inside e corporate world with a brand tag , I won’t have quite realized it.

There are 200 million youths are coming to the employment market and our current system can provide employment opportunity to only 60 million people. We need the explosion of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs and facilitators who can turn the fortune of our countrymen by bringing up their billion dollar ideas to life.

We need to correct our entrepreneurial thinking. Our belief that the vortex of entrepreneurship is to find an investor and get funded needs tuning. Our notion that be funded is like winning the Cricket World Cup must change. And those who strike funding and start living like a species from a different world should realize the ground realities before their daydreaming becomes nightmare.

If you speak to those who got funded they will tell you that they get back to being an employee. Even though you have brought in the people who share your dreams and vision, they may not agree with your process and soon it becomes all about the money. Accomplishing the financial end becomes the main driver of business. We all saw what happened with

Entrepreneurs are suffering with it. Excellent startups began to tumble because the money seeking model is endless. One of my own startup went berserk when I begun focusing on raising money more than running the business.

A new way to enter into this phenomena is needed for fulfilling India’s success through a collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem. Think and let me know what you think?