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You have already answered

“Oh! Shhhh….. Really?”
One of the things I find awkward about interviewing is when towards the end, I ask the candidate, “Do you have any questions for me?” and the person says, “Not for now. You have almost answered everything.”
My head starts spinning, “Really!? I have been only asking questions since the interview began. When did I answer your questions?”
I always expect the candidates should come prepared with questions. The questions like:
Get clarity related to the job role so that you know the expectations right from the beginning.
You should know if they had this position earlier and what happened to the earlier guy on the role.
It would help if you got some ideas about the company’s vision and growth plan.
Ask about the company culture and work rules, if any.
And you should ask questions that can help you gauge what kind of people you are going to work with when you join the company.

Whether you are looking for an internship or a fresher job, These questions will help you make a better decision about what you can expect when you join them. Whether it is the kind of setup you want to associate to build your career and whether you should look for a better opportunity.

Next time, when you appear for the interview, you should be prepared to ask questions.