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Should you forget the goodness of the past if someone harmed later

Sometimes, you break up the relationships because you think another person has done some sort of injustice or act of harm to you.

However, ideally, we should not forget the kind of good act. I want to tell you about an incident. When Shishupal was born, he was cursed to be killed by God Krishna.

His mother came to know this at the time of Shishupal’s birth itself. She prayed to Shri Krishna and pleaded with him not to kill her son.

Krishna agreed with the condition, “I would forgive his 100 mistakes, but after that, I can’t tolerate them.”

Shishupal started abusing Krishna, and God was smiling.

Once the 100 count was over, God Krishna killed him with his Sudarshan Chakra.

Krishna’s finger got hurt, and noticing this, Draupadi instantly took a piece of her sari and tied Krishna’s finger.

When Dussasan made an attempt to strip Draupadi’s clothes, Sri Krishna came as her saviour, and she reciprocated his kindness.

Shri Krishna said, “When I was hurt during the Shishupal killing, you tied your sari thread to save me. By safeguarding you here, I have only paid the instalment of your good deed.”