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Desire is of yours, but Destiny is of God

You are constantly creating desires, both good ones and bad ones. Your mind is always busy making all sorts of desires. The creation of desire is the mind’s sole prerogative. 

Do they all get fulfilled? In the world, you’ll never find even one person who can claim that all his desires were fulfilled. 

After the war of Mahabharat, Shri Krishna and Pandava visit their grandfather Bhishma, who is sleeping on his deathbed and can depart for the heavenly pastures anytime.

Seeing Shri Krishna, Bhishma requests him to answer his question. He asked, “Hey Govinda when Narayani Sena and I were selected to fight with Duryodhana, a tiny smile appeared on your face. Since then, I have been curious to know why you smiled at that moment.”

God Krishna answered, “Pitamah, you are granted the wish to die on your own desire, and you have full right to desire whatever you want to. But, I have total control over creating the situation around you through which you will start wishing for whatever I want. Like your current status, even if you desire to live, laden with the wounds and pains, you are not in a livable condition.”

Exercise: Stop creating excessive and unwanted desires in your mind. Shri Krishna is the sole creator, keeper, and destroyer of your desires. Oh man, don’t live in a depression just because your desires are not getting fulfilled. Drop everything and take solace in his supreme feet.