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Not Much Separated

Other is not so “other” as you thinks
Veda mentions the whole universe as the supreme self.
Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Mahabharata shown his vast self and said “I am the only one; second is none”
Lord Jesus says; “Love your enemy just as you love yourself”
Gautam Buddha said to his disciples; “After each meditation when you are feeling blissful, full of joy, peace, silence… shower and share your silence, your peace, your blissfulness with the whole of existence. It is not a question whether someone deserves it or not. The more you share it, the more you will get it. The farther your blessings reach, the more and more blessings will shower on you from all directions. Existence always gives you back more than you have given to it.”
The sound of clapping looks good when you make both hands meet in equilibrium.
If you beat your left hand with right hand the pain is equal to you; you never feel happy that your left hand is in pain.
Kabir got annoyed when someone called him “Other”. He said one who says “Other” he is like impotent.
Bless yourself everyday a happy day!!!

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