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Life stage a business goes through

Businesses, like human life stages, go through the three phases: Infancy, Adolescence, and Maturity.
Infancy: Like an infant child the business is entirely dependent on you. As a child cannot live without their parent, without you there would be no business. Your every day is deep in the business to get things done. Without you, the business will fall behind. However, you begin to allocate some works to your coworker as business starts stabilizing and growing.

Adolescence: It comes up when you cannot handle it all alone, and you decide to get help. It’s a bit difficult situation; as you hand over tasks to your employees, you start getting a bit jittery thinking no one cares about your business as you do. As an entrepreneur, you need to start believing in people whom you hired for the business and instead of being a doer yourself, begin supervising the work only to see that your employees do not drop the ball.

Maturity: A mature business knows a different kind of understanding and mindset to manage it. It’s like your parent hand you over to your spouse for helping you with companionship to thrive in your life.

Maturity is not an inevitable result of the first two phases. Mature companies started out that way! The people who started them had an entirely different perspective about what a business is and why it works.
Asks the question: “How must the business work?” Starts with a picture of a well-defined future, and then comes back to the present with the intention of changing it to match the vision. Your role shifts to become a custodian of rules and principles practicing which people working for your business realises the vision and the goal that you have set to achieve.

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