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How to focus on the important thing

When asked: “How have you been?”
Your usual response would be, “Ahhh… I have been so much busy these days.”
“What is it that keeps you so much busy?”
“Have you got what you always wanted from life?”
“It isn’t going anywhere.”
“Are you happy?”
“Well… It’s quite a difficult thing to be happy these days.”
If you are busy, but you don’t have clear answers, you are doing things without having clarity about your goals, prioritizing what is important to you, and committing your time to do the important stuff.
Wake up now.
You’ve already wasted enough doing the shallow work. It’s time to visually, emotionally, financially and functionally commit to your goals. And I bet that you will feel happy that you did those things vital to you at the end of the day.

What do you think?