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Energy in Motion

Life is all about going from moment to moment doing right things or doing wrong things or doing nothing. And while being in these situations our mind generates emotions. If you are doing right things your mind generates positive emotions of love, compassion, happiness, and pleasure. If you are doing wrong things or we are doing nothing, your mind is most likely generating negative emotions of hate, anger, fear, jealousy, infatuation, grief, distress, and pain and suffering.

Your mind generates emotions because it is in constant contact between the senses and objects. More you connect with the positive emotions better you’ll be overall in your life. So, whenever you feel under the grip of negative emotions, you need to take control yourself with some simple acts which will self-generate the positive emotions. You are feeling upset because you didn’t get what you expected, just remind yourself ”

This too shall pass.” Play or do things that make you feel happy. Shoot the hoop, make funny faces, tell jokes, sing your favorite song or anything else that you like. Mediate for a while. Meditation helps you declutter your mind and instantly generates positive energy as it soothes your nerves.

Make a call to your friend with whom you can speak out your feelings. Take someone whom you love for a treat. Enjoy your favorite food, drink, activity, shopping or anything else that you both enjoy.

Talk out loud with yourself. Go to a place where no one can hear you and just talk out loud to yourself. You will find yourself a lot more positive. Emotion is a unique asset gifted to the living being. You can make robots which can be more intelligent than any living being but you cannot instill humanlike emotion to the robots. Live yourself more under the influence of positive emotions so that you are always empowered with your intelligence.

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