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Do the right thing first

The faster you embrace a measure of discipline and organization to your day, the faster you’ll be the one globe-trotting in first class.

You love resolution, boast of commitment, you swear for knowing the secret of super productive but, all goes into vein as we get too caught up on day to day and the procrastination.

I busted my own myth recently. I found that it lies in being organised and having the most important tasks in front of you and then committing to getting it done.

Checking tasks off mundane to-do lists is not the way to make progress in your business.
At this moment you know about the big things, easy things, oblivious things and the hard things that you have got to do. The difficult thing is you don’t follow the system of prioritisation in place. Priotitizing the right things, is how you make progress.

Starting today take 10 minutes every day by asking what project or task has the highest potential to benefit your life and your business bottom line, and care for that one first. The rest can wait.