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Definitely a Brahmin

A young man reached the hermitage of Rishi Haridrumat Gautam. He wanted to know the truth. He had a desire to know the Brahma. He placed his head on the feet of the Rishi and said, ”Oh; Teacher, I have come in search of truth. Be kind to me and teach me the knowledge of Brahma. I am blind and I want light.”

The name of that young man was Satyakama.

The Rishi asked him: ”Son, what is your Gotra? Who is your father? What is his name?”

That young man had no knowledge of his father. Nor did he know his gotra.

He went to his mother, asked her and returned.

And what his mother told him he repeated to the Rishi. He said: ”Oh! god! I do not know my Gotra. Nor do I know my father. My mother also does not know my father. I asked her, and then she said that in her youth she was playing with many respectable persons and used to please them. She does not know from whom I was born. The name of my mother is Jabali. Therefore I am Satyakama Jabal. This is what she has asked me to tell you also’.

Haridrumat was very much moved by the simple true story. He embraced that young man and said: ”My dear, you are definitely a Brahmin. So much faith in truth is the very symptom of a Brahmin. You will definitely be able to find the Brahma because to him who has the courage to be true to himself, truth itself will come searching at his doors”.