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The Joy Of Service

In Conversation with God Krishna, I asked: “Why is that I am always in the want mode? When I don’t get what I want, I feel miserable and when I exactly get what I want, I still feel bad because I feel I limited my want so little.”

God Krishna said, “It’s because you are always in “I” mode. I want a house. I want a beautiful spouse. I want a car. I want success. You are no worth more than a beggar. Even you have enough, you always want, want and want. It’s because you have not experienced the joy of service. For all such want mode people, they suffer bigger hardship.”

I further asked, “Joy of Service? What can I serve when I myself don’t have enough?”

God said, “There are four ways that people feel the joy of service: Some give their work to the divine which is doing your work surrendering it to the feet of God, some give their life surrendering the body to the holy feet of the divine, some give their wealth for the purpose of serving the common good and the ultimate man give their soul to the service.

You look at nature; all of them are always offering their service without any want of their own. Just try to live like nature for a while to experience the joy of service.

March forward with a common goal. March forward with open-minded and work together in harmony. March forward sharing your thoughts for integrated wisdom. March forward following the example of our ancestors who achieved higher goals by virtue of being united.”
श्री कृष्ण अर्पणमस्तु।

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