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Where do I get the fulfilment in my life?

“Is my salary raise going to be better than last year?”

“Can I work little less than I have been working throughout the past several months?”

“Can I get the promotion to the next level?”

These are the questions mostly people ask during the performance review. I don’t say these are not important. I understand work is a big piece of our life and work must be rewarding enough. In my approach, I’ve always been a bit vocal about having balance in life and make sure that you don’t look at economic gain alone as sole motivator.

I have seen that people who are fulfilled on a much broader basis, having real balance between faith, family, friends and hobbies live really well. They completely, single-mindedly focus on and get their value out of work.

We, as a society, have started gauging our progress in improving our economic situation. When we look at our kids, we ask, “Are they going to do economically better than we’ve done?” I think we need to pursue and tell people around us that socioeconomic wealth is not the only most important measure of personal happiness; having a sense of fulfilment certainly is.