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What if every step I take leads to another failure

“Every attempt that I make, it leads to another failure. How long shall I keep trying?”

In most of the failed situations, the cause of failure lies in how long we pull the things. It is another thing that you took the decision without much thinking, but then there are no substantial instances that vouch in favour of thinking prevents failure too.

In our life we do not have an option to avoid the failure – what we do is we look at someone, some instance, some case study and design our life based on that. But, life is not a production floor where you can produce similar thing.

Each one of us have failure, many times. May be we are not vocal about our failure as we are for success.

Think of every highly successful person you know. Do you know any one of them who got lucky by being successful at the first try?

So if you’re experiencing failure or next time you fail, keep going on. Highly successful people didn’t stop — and neither should you.