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Sell your customers what they want, not what they need

Two friends walk into a boutique airport briefcase store and go in different directions of the store, one to the left and the other to the right.
There is only one salesman in the store; he has to decide whom to approach first.
He notices that one of the men already has a relatively new briefcase, only a few months out of date. However, the other man’s briefcase is practically falling apart – he needs a bag badly.
Who should the salesman approach?
If you said he should approach the man with the NEW briefcase, you are right.
It’s simple. The man with the old briefcase has made it clear that his suitcase is not important to him. Given the condition it’s in, he’s likely had many opportunities to replace it. Why would he replace it now and at such an expensive boutique shop?
However, the man with the new briefcase has shown interest. It’s clear he cares about having a stylish briefcase and may not be aware that he is already outdated.

The best potential customer is the one who has already shown interest.