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Protect yourself from  the wicked mind

Whenever I read Ram Charit Manas, I laugh reading the below couplet.

उदासीन अरि मीत हित सुनति जरहिं खल नीति ।
जानी पानी जग जोरि बिनती करइ सप्रीती ।। 4

Tulsidas says, “Offer salutation with joined palms to the wicked ones who has inherent nature to carry out divisive agenda and always fire their inner self with jealousy, ill-will, and cunningness whenever they hear the welfare, wellness, and wellbeing of anyone whether they are their friend of foe. “

So, there are some of those who are born with it and you cannot change their nature.

The only thing you can do is fold your hand and keep them at your side so that the effects of their ill-will is lesser on you and you remain protected.